We have developed, over the last 32 years, a powerful suite of tools and solutions to help our clients drive solid performance in the franchising arena


We have developed, over the last 32 years, a powerful suite of tools and solutions to help our clients drive solid performance in the franchising arena.

Franchise Development

Conceptualisation of The Entire Franchise System

Many franchises fail to take off or do not last long because they have started on the wrong footing. Our responsibility is to ensure that you have gone through a thorough brainstorming and soul-searching exercise (to strategise for the long- the term, to enhance strengths and minimise weaknesses) before we embark on the crystallisation of the franchise concept with you.

Establishment of The Necessary Structure to Make The Franchise System Tick Like Clockwork.

A building with a bad foundation will not withstand tremors well. It might eventually crack and collapse. Our responsibility is to make sure you have the various systems in a place so that your franchise can take on the responsibility of providing reliable support services both to your corporate outlets and the franchisees’ outlets, both within the country and internationally, and for the long term.

Financial Models

Going into business with great enthusiasm is not enough. Realistic projections based on strict criteria must be produced so that all involved know what resources are needed before they commit to the relationship. The figures must be well-researched. (Our real experience in managing franchises before becoming franchise consultants is valuable in this respect)

Franchise Operations Feasibility

The franchisee must be guided in such a manner that the entire  network functions in a unified, consistent, re-enforcing manner, achieving the results envisioned during the planning stage. (A thick and colourful manual may not necessarily mean it is useful to the franchisee)

Legal Agreements

We work with well-established law firms to ensure that your concerns and needs are considered properly without making the terms and conditions unnecessarily onerous on the franchisees.


We have a worldwide network (partners in more than 50 countries, as of October 2020) and the resources (media like Asia Franchise & Business Opportunities magazine, company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; exhibition booth at many franchise-related exhibitions in Asia & beyond every year; a strong database of prospective franchisees; etc.) and the commitment to help you find the franchisees you have profiled.

Franchise Audit

Because things move at such a fast speed, and the competition is getting fiercer, established franchisors will find it useful to have a ‘Health Check’ once every few years. We will objectively analyse your existing operations and propose improvements so that you grow from strength to strength.

Market Entry / Feasibility Study

Not every well-known concept will become successful in every market. A proper analysis will save the franchisor and or the franchisee lots of money, time, and energy in case the franchise’s chances of success in the market in question are extremely low. Conversely, a not-so-well-known franchise may fly high in another market because of other incredibly positive factors. Our in-depth feasibility study will increase your chances of success when you enter new territory.

Short-Term Management Contract / Project Management

We have a team of experienced (with real franchise management experience) associate consultants who can help the franchisor and/or franchisee to set up the business and to run the business on a day-to-day basis on a short-term contract basis. This can include piece-meal jobs like the updating of the Operations Manuals, the launch of a new product or service, etc.

Other Services

We can act as the franchisor’s representative in several areas:
(1) Enforcing terms stated in the franchise agreement concerning termination of a franchisee based in Asia

(2) Carrying out other tasks after reaching an agreement with the franchisor on the scope of work and the consideration thereof.

Franchise Brokerage

Whether you are thinking of recruiting more franchisees or inviting investors to take equity in your current business, our team in Singapore and our large network of overseas strategic partners can be mobilised to help find the right fit for you based on the criteria you have given to us. Clients that have used us include OSIM, 4-Fingers, Little Sheep (YUM! China), etc. Our time-tested strategies and various marketing platforms have proven to be effective.

Asiawide Digital Advantage ™

Proprietary franchise management system: Our franchise management system 

Asiawide Digital Advantage™ will include the following modules:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Performance Management
  3. Communication Hub 

The Asiawide Digital Advantage will help make the franchisor and their franchisees become more effective in many areas, e.g. sales and tasks tracking, financial performance, operations, feedback, etc.

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